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Saturday, November 26, 2011

Saturday Potpourri

Here's a piece by Ruth Marcus from right before the election last year that I never got around to linking. This line made me laugh out loud.

The difference between the British conservative leaders and the ones we're stuck with in the United States is the difference between rational conservatism and magic-wand conservatism.

And then there were these...

[British] Conservatives call for shared sacrifice, starting in a place Republicans seem never to look -- at the top. "It's fair that those with broader shoulders should bear a greater load," Cameron said.

[British] Conservatives do not embrace the Tea Party vision of government as malevolent force. "I don't believe in laissez-faire," Cameron said. "Government has a role not just to fire up ambition, but to help give it flight."

Remember, it was our government that developed the internet which led to massive amounts of innovation in the private sector (sorry, Ms. Rand, but your predictions of apocalypse were wrong).


When studies like this come out, I always have to we didn't know any of this stuff anyway!!

The surprise here is the sexual exclusivity issue in men. As a man with a very high IQ who is liberal (but not atheist), I can say that I desire only one mate. The idea of multiple partners was fun when I was younger but as I have aged, the romantic inside of me has firmly taken hold and pretty much vanquished the Hef side of me. Ah well....


Apparently, I still have far too much work to do...groan.... Who are these people's parents and what the hell did they do with them for 18+ years?