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Monday, March 05, 2018

Site Policies

Our site traffic has increased a great deal here at Zombie Politics over the last couple of months so I thought it might be a good time to review our comments policies. Here is the link to my original post on comments and how they will be moderated. Let's review the main points.

Comments that refute points or ideas presented in the posts or by other commenters are just fine. Criticisms about groups of people (liberals are all blah blah blah...conservatives are all blah blah blah) are also acceptable. Criticism about public figures are fine (Barack Obama is a Kenyan Muslim! John Boehner is a corporate shill!) as well. Personal remarks about posters or other commenters that take the form of insults, childish baiting, answering questions with questions or arguments about arguments will not be allowed.

In short, no trolling. This was a recent comment I had to delete.

Nowhere else in The Constitution does "The People" mean anything other than ALL THE PEOPLE. The law has never once been applied in this country to deny people the right to bear arms based on militia membership. Heller simply stated the obvious, de facto reality we've all been living under for the last 200+ years. The tortured mental gymnastics you had to go to try and make your argument are laughable. You don't want to try to repeal the 2nd amendment because you know you can't. You're also not going to neuter it with this militia nonsense. Get fucked.

The first part was fine. The bolded part was not. It was childish, baiting, insulting and made an argument about an argument. Those comments will be deleted.

Any questions or concerns, please use the comment form on the right side of the site. Thanks and welcome new readers!