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Sunday, October 06, 2013

The Plan All Along

AP News has a story up about how the shutdown has eroded confidence in America in many corners of the world. I submit that was the plan all along and Rachel Maddow recently confirmed this in the video clip below.


The New York Times confirmed this today.This shutdown has been planned for months with the specific goal of making sure the president fails. In case anyone was wondering, yes, they are just that petty. If they can't have their way, then it's temper tantrum time and they are going to trash their room.

In this case, however, the room is our country.

Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Liberal Media Watch

Another Bartlett post that got my attention was this one entitled: Fox News and MSNBC: Not The Competitors They Should Be. Bartlett and I are exactly in line with the reality of media bias.

I give Rupert Murdoch enormous credit for recognizing a market opportunity to appeal to conservatives who have long felt that the traditional media had a strong liberal bias. And in the era from the 1950s to the 1980s I think the conservatives were right. The mainstream media did have a liberal bias, although it was never as strong as they thought.

Right. No harm in having a conservatively biased media outlet. If you don't like it, don't watch it. One thing I have noticed about FOX, though, is that where we see a lot of spin on MSNBC, we see outright lying on FOX. Both are obnoxious in their own way but FOX seems to have people on who simply tell lies where MSNBC tells half truths. Rachel Maddow, for example, will leave out facts which some might say is lying. But Sean Hannity will say that President Obama's nuclear treaty gives the Russians the keys to Europe. There is a difference between the two statements although I don't expect Cult members to understand this.

The problem is that since the 1990s the mainstream media has shifted to the right. I think the old liberal bias is completely gone and every major media outlet is pretty well positioned in the center of the political spectrum today. Liberals recognize this even if conservatives don't.

Yep. The Cult will whine until the end of time...blaming the "liberal media" for all of their problems in what is hilariously the very thing they supposedly bemoan: playing the victim. It is yet another example of how conservatives of today are like liberals of yesterday...idealists to a fault with no practical application in reality.

I just wish Fox would stop pretending that it isn't a mouthpiece for the Republican Party and come out of the closet so to speak. The real problem is that the left and the Democratic Party have no comparable outlet and I think they should have one. While MSNBC tends to be slightly to the left it is not nearly as far to the left of center as Fox is to the right, nor does partisanship and ideology permeate its entire schedule as it does at Fox.

Unfortunately, I don't think MSNBC is capable of positioning itself as the left/Democratic alternative to Fox as long as it remains part of the NBC News operation. It's forced to operate too much like a mainstream media outlet. Comcast, which now owns NBC, should spin it off and give it the freedom to become the anti-Fox. I think it would be much more successful than it is now.

So, before my usual commenters begin their predictable spasms, fits and howls of derision, I'll add this fact in what I hope will cause an extra few spasms of cognitive dissonance: MSNBC has a Republican (Joe Scarborough) who hosts his own three hour show that is quite popular. Does FOX have a Democratic equivalent? No.

MSNBC does lean liberal but it is not the all out Left Fest it could be with the likes of Pat Buchanan on the air all the time. And Morning Joe is, in all honesty, my favorite news show. I have to admit that I love the guy and Mika Brzezinski is hot:) If you ever get the chance, check out their show. It's a very unbiased show that looks at all the angles of the days news. It's on pretty early (5am-8am CST) but worth checking out as you get ready for your day.

So how is it with guys like Joe on the air that MSNBC is a Marxist outlet for information? Only the Cult knows....