Wednesday, July 28, 2021

Dedicated To Kevin Baker

 Take a look at this image.

These are American heroes. They are the policemen who put their lives on the line when Trump supporters engaged in a terrorist attack on our nation's capitol. This act of insurrection was based on the lie that the election was stolen from Donald Trump.

A big proponent of this lie is my old nemesis, Kevin Baker, who is still acting in sedition to the nation he claims to love. His recent post, "Despair and Utter Hopelessness," is a shining example of just how far CULT Kevin has gone. 

Kevin lives in a world where Twitter posts are the same things as facts. His anger towards any information that contradicts his scientology like beliefs has so overwhelmed any logic that he had left that it's disgusting. 

He and his followers have embraced the role of traitor completely. Listening to the testimony yesterday, I can only imagine Kevin either cheering on the crowds as they called the police traitors and beat them. Or denying it all, saying it's liberal media propaganda, not a big deal, and oh, weren't the BLM protest so much worse? 

We know exactly who you are, Kevin Baker. You are the modern day version of a Nazi. You accuse your perceived enemies of doing the very things you do and demonize them for it. (copyright: Josef Goebbels). You want an authoritarian state where there is only one ideology in power: YOURS. And that's not even the sad part.

The true tragedy in your long post of lies is that the very decay that's eroding our country is caused entirely by folks like you. You adolescently blame everyone else for COVID-19, gun violence, civic unrest, climate issues, and economic disaster. Yet it's YOUR FUCKING IDEOLOGY that's causing all of it. You supported an incompetent buffoon and Russian asset over the most capable person to be president because of adolescent feelings about liberals. 

Half the people dead from COVID-19 would alive right now if Hillary was president. Their blood is on your hands. You refuse any new gun laws that could actually help bring down gun violence. You scoff at any discussion of race or culture. You think climate change is a liberal plot. And even after economic stimulation of aggregate demand staved off another depression, you still stomped your feet at government interference in the economy.

And why?

Because you never grew out of your issues with authority. Every view you have comes from the lens of a 12 year old boy. 

The rest of the country, and there are far more of us than of you people, are sick and tired of your nonsense holding us back. We are going to force you to submit to reality and the harm you are doing to our country. You may think you know what "force" means but you likely don't. 

Every day we see more and more young people getting into "good trouble"..."necessary trouble." Some of them are my former students. Some are ex-Republicans who left the party when you and the crazies took it over. The overwhelming majority are liberals and moderates who are doing the necessary work to make sure you and your ilk are going to be quickly relegated to the ash heap of irrelevance. 

The photo above is one of heroes, Kevin. Heroes. There was a time when you might have seen them the same way. Now you aren't fit to lick their boots. 

Wednesday, July 14, 2021

The Nazis Keep Marching On

I used to have a tag on here called "Secret Authoritarians." They aren't really being that secret about it anymore, are they? The January 6th domestic terrorist attack and insurrection has now been more clearly documented. Check it out.

Just imagine the hay that would be made if these were liberals. Instead, it's a lot of denial and propaganda about what is quite plainly conservatives being EXACTLY what I said they were all along. 

They are Nazis in every sense of the word. 

Wednesday, July 07, 2021