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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Best Of 2010

It's that time of the year again, folks. What stands out as the best TV show, film, track and album of 2010? Here are my choices.

Not even a fucking contest. The last episode was so unbelievably stunning that its implications
go far beyond simple entertainment. ABC's Lost explored philosophy, religion, human nature, sociology, time travel and alternate universes. The view on the afterlife was so beautiful and eloquently loving that I'm not ashamed to admit that I was moved to tears. Much of the reason for this, of course, has to do with the similarities between the Jack/Christian relationship and the one I had with my own father.

There's so much more to this show that I loved. The acting was impeccable. The production value was top notch through all six seasons. The writing was stellar. There will never be another show like this one. Go buy the complete series immediately.


Completely torn on this one. I have to say that this year it is a tie. The fun part of me that enjoys comic books and HK action films completely loved Kick Ass. What if someone became a super hero in real life? Forget about all the cliches...this is very real life. Well, mostly. The gun battle in the hallway at the end was completely unrealistic but still...

Solid entertainment along with beaucoup armaments. The character of Hit Girl (and the actress that plays her) alone are worth at least 2 viewings.

But then there is the part of me (seen most on this blog) that thinks that Inside Job should be seen by every single American followed by a broad and determined movement to change the way our country operates. Both films are fantastic in their own way and I really can't make a decision so I choose both.


I've always been a sucker for psychedelic pop. "1000 Years" by The Coral is a perfect example of this. Taken from their latest LP, The Butterfly House, "1000 Years" is pure bliss in under 3 minutes from this underappreciated band from Hoylake, Merseyside.

Honestly, the whole disc is worth it and was in serious contention for Best Album. That honor, however, fell to one of my old favorites.


Tom has provided the soundtrack to over 30 years of my life. I saw his video for “Refugee” before MTV had even launched. I love all of his records but Mojo is massively good. I played it nearly every day this summer and was magically connected to all summers past in which, not surprisingly, I was listening to Tom Petty.

This would be one of those glimpses back to the 70s I yearn for on a daily basis…courtesy of the man who gave us many a great tune during the time. Take this line from the track "Let Yourself Go": “Got a blond headed woman that likes to come around…cute little hippy girl lives in town…brings a bag of records and she plays ‘em ’til dawn…give me little lovin’ then she got to go home.” I yearn to live in that world again…

So, how about you? What were your picks for 2010?