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Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Good Words

As somewhat of a counter to Nikto's post yesterday, I have these words from a Quora commenter.

I have no sympathy for the types of people who gathered at Bundy's ranch, advocated violence against law enforcement officers, and actively threatened law enforcement officers all for the sake of a racist freeloader who mooches off the public. Having said that, I don't think one could fairly say the delusional murderers of two Las Vegas Metro officers and a citizen were part of any organization beyond their own insane pairing. 

What occurred here in Las Vegas struck a chord with me for a number of reasons. I've spoken out, in many instances here on Quora, about my belief many of these radical Second Amendment advocates seem a greater threat to the general public than anyone they profess to be using the Second Amendment to protect us from. I've made it clear my belief that, unfortunately, it seems these right wing groups and militant Second Amendment groups are dangerous, violent, racist, and attract extreme elements. 

I've spoken out in favor of gun control and discussed my own experiences with Nevada's concealed carry laws, and can't ignore the fact that it would seem a private, CCW-ed citizen very well may have lost their life (along with the officers) protecting countless others at that WalMart. I believe many of these extremists who flocked to Bundy's ranch were dangerous and delusional, racist and violence-prone. There has been a very noticeable increase in threats from these types of people, acts of violence carried out by them, and so on. 

Having said all of the above, though, it would seem this crazy couple were fringe extremists even at the Bundy ranch. They were unstable and reactionary above and beyond what many of their peers would be, even. But I don't doubt they likely fed off of information and statements they regularly heard from those who shared some of their anti-government views, websites they visited, literature they read, and so on. They reacted to the right-wing stimulus around them with actions that even many of those right wing folks would find reprehensible and unacceptable. 

It is likely not too unreasonable to think that the Miller's were delusional and unstable people in search of a cause, and had circumstances been different they could have ended up killing and causing harm to others for whatever cause they felt they could latch on to and would give their lives meaning. It just so happens, though, that right wing extremists with an affection for firearms and virulent hatred of authority find plenty of positive feedback from others that helps legitimize, in their minds, their views. 

While I don't believe a majority, or even significant chunk, of anti-government, pro-Second Amendment types are violence-prone and comparable to this delusional husband and wife, I can't help but think much of their rhetoric encourages certain [already] unstable people to act out violently.

Couldn't have said it better myself. I view Kevin and the TSM commenters in exactly this light. Their ideology is more dangerous than what they claim to be protecting the rest of us from and they encourage mentally unstable people to commit acts of violence. Oh, and that notable increase he speaks of? It's all being documented here at the Southern Poverty Law Center.

Keep it up, fuckos. Your idiocy may end up making your apocalyptic predictions come true.