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Saturday, January 15, 2011

My Lyin' Eyes

Take a look at this photo to the left.

It was recently added in comments and is, more or less, the sentiment of some posters in regard to yours truly. I am blaming the right for the tragedy in Arizona and their rhetoric or actions in no way, shape or form have anything to do with it. I'm a shameful person who, like this cartoon, is exploiting the tragedy for political gains.

Essentially, I am not a patriot like....Joe Wilson.

Take a look at Mr. "You Lie" in this photo. Here we see Congressmen Wilson hanging out at the Palmetto State Armory which (until recently) was selling a lower receiver for an AR-15 with the engraving "You Lie!" on it. This is seen clearly in the photo to the left of Congressmen Wilson. Apparently, though, he has not officially endorsed this. And after the shootings in Tuscon a week ago, the item has been taken down and is not available for sale.

Help me out, here, folks. The people that actually sell products like this are all good and are in no way at all related to any shooting at all...EVER! It's all the left's fault and they are the shameful evil ones! So am I!!!! AHHHHH, the shame!!!!!

I guess I must be deluded in thinking there was any sort of correlation between people that put things like this on guns and stirring up violent sentiment and actions. I must need my head shrinked!