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Monday, December 10, 2012

A Minnesotan Message

Alright, Minnesotans...

1) After a snowstorm, driving a few miles under the speed limit is prudent. Driving 5 miles an hour everywhere is irritating. And continuing to move at the same (if not worse) snail like pace when you are pushing a cart around Target is massively fucking irritating.

2)Just because we had some snow doesn't mean that every single person who can drive in the seven country metro area should get out and do so...

3) We've had snow here before so enough with the buffoon like confusion. Stop doing stupid things you wouldn't normally do like changing lanes 9 times in the space of five minutes on the highway.

4)Whoever is in charge of stoplights, reset them to normal and not have them be on green for -5 seconds.

5) Whoever is in charge of plowing, say no to that 5th doughnut and actually PLOW THE ROADS!!

(can you tell we just got our first snowfall of the year?)