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Tuesday, February 18, 2014

"Bridgegate Has Become MSNBC's Benghazi."

So sayeth Bill Maher is a recent blog post and he's absolutely right. MSNBC has officially become the Fox News of the Left and it really sucks. I used to DVR Morning Joe and watch it if I had time later in the night but they just can't lay off Christie. Again, so what? How is what he did any different than what Lyndon Johnson used to do? Add in Mika Brzezinski's tar and feathering of Woody Allen (which is completely devoid of fact, mind you) and we are really only left with Al Jazeera America...still the most honest and best reporting out there.

They don't tell Americans what we want to hear. They tell us what we need to hear. Check out their YouTube feed for what their content is like and why it is superior.

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Even Weaker

Personally, I don't think the bridge scandal is that big of a deal in terms of Chris Christie's chances of being president in 2016. Is still think he'd make a great president. This isn't any different than things Democrats have done in the past so why is the left all bunged up about it? In fact, I would think the right would be more pissed off because Christie is acting like a Democrat in pulling this sort of shit. Besides, it's far less worse of a transgression than the sheer moonbattery we have seen these last few years from conservatives.

Yet, if Christie is toast, the GOP is really fucked. This recent piece in the Washington Post shows how there really isn't a good candidate out there that can win a national election. If 2012 was weak, 2016 is going to be downright awful without Christie. Ted Cruz, Rand Paul, Scott Walker, Marco Rubio or Bobby Jindal? I challenge Republicans to show me someone who can beat Hillary Clinton, let alone a Democrat at all.

Tuesday, November 05, 2013

Good Words

“I said this to the RNC last summer. I’m in this to win, because if you don’t win, you can’t govern. If you can’t govern, you can’t move the country, the state, the city — whatever you’re running for — in the direction it needs to be moved in. I think we’ve had too many people [in the Republican Party] who’ve become less interested in winning an election and more interested in winning an argument.”---Governor Chris Christie, November 4, 2013

Does Governor Christie read my blog?:)

Congratulations, Governor, on your victory tonight. And congrats to Governor Elect Terry McAuliffe as well.

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Speaking Your Mind

You really have to hand it to Chris Christie. The guy says what's on his mind and doesn't care who he offends. Either way, he's a straight shooter.

The president's done a great job, you say? Well, that's because he is a good president and has shown these last few days what kind of a leader he is in a crisis.

Who was it again that said they wanted to shut down FEMA?


And it's not just him. Imagine what would happen if we had another crisis like this and emergency management was done by states and private corporations.  Part of me almost wishes we could try it out for just one disaster so the right wing blogsphere would be put down for rabies once and for all.

Sunday, October 02, 2011

If Jesus were the nominee...

In their quest to achieve the emotional intelligence of a 13 year old girl, the conservative base are now begging Chris Christie to get in the race. He's mulling it over but honestly he should just say no. His chances will be better in 2016 when the race is wide open and (hopefully) the apocalyptic cult has been returned to the right wing blogshpere and short wave radio.

They are going to be sick of him in a week anyway. He's for civil unions, gun control and thinks that climate change is man made. That's three big strikes right there. He also supported the Islamic education center that was built a few blocks from the new WTC (B to the W, this is now up and running without a peep from anyone on the right...surprise, surprise). The other thing to consider is that he is very overweight. Many people will look at him and then look at Obama and say, "I'm not voting for the fat guy."

The simple fact is that if Jesus Christ was the GOP nominee, they'd hate him in a week as well. Bill Maher noted this last Friday night.

One has to wonder why these people should be put in charge when they can't seem to make up their mind about anything.

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Not Qualified

As we continue to witness new depths of conservative ADD in their nomination process, I think it's important to note these words.

You have to feel in your heart and in your mind that you’re ready for the presidency. And there are lots of people who will run just because the opportunity presents itself.

That’s not a reason to be president of the United States. You have to believe in your heart and in your soul and in your mind that you are ready and I don’t believe that about myself right now. So that’s why I said I won’t run and I can’t imagine that changing.

That's current Belle of the Ball, New Jersey Governor Chris Christie, from last February. I'd take him at his word. He's not qualified at all.

He has also stated many times that he is not running. Yet our country, according to a woman in the audience at Christie's Reagan library speech yesterday, "can't take four more years of this" so Christie must jump in and save us. Oh, Lawdy! Four more years of what, exactly? Our country being eroded due to Republican extremism? Oops! I forgot...#3 Projection/'s all Obama's fault!

Even if Christie does get in the race, the base would tire of him just like they have with all the rest of the candidates. Why? Because they aren't capable of putting together coherent and detailed policy. All they really have is "We have a spending problem" combined with the relentless pursuit of proving Democrats wrong in the most childishly dishonest fashion. Once Christie talks of compromise (as he has already done), they'll hate him too and then it will be on to someone else.

The simple fact that the Republican Party is behaving this way should raise some serious red flags. What exactly is their agenda?