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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

The Request Line

I've decided to start yet another regular feature here at NFTF....The Request Line! I've had several people make requests for a certain topic over the years...some of which I have responded to....but I guess I wanted to formally do it now under this umbrella in light of the emails and comments I have received over a particularly hot issue of late. So, we'll start off with the McChrystal firing.

As most of you know, I like Stan McChrystal. In fact, I wrote a piece about him awhile back and strategically, I thought he was the right man for the job. Of course, he is only human and making the mistake of talking to Rolling Stone magazine probably wasn't the brightest thing to do but I still don't begrudge him his views. Clearly, he was frustrated much in the same way that Eric Shinseki was frustrated with the Bush Administration. What's amusing to me (of course) is how the Cult is responding in the exact opposite way they did with Shinseki.

Back then, when General Shinseki questioned Rumsfeld and the handling of Iraq, he was a traitor. Now that McChrystal is doing the same thing, he is a hero. Why? Because his views have been co-opted into the "Liberals are Weak, Can't Handle the Military" lie. The simple fact is that the Cult can't accept Barack Obama as president and are salivating at any minor chance to play gotcha. Even more amusing is that they equate their own cognitive dissonance and epistemic closure with people like myself who criticized George W. Bush. There is quite a large difference but there is no way in hell they are EVER going to get it. But let's get back to McChrystal.

My opinion is that both men spoke their mind and, because we have civilian leadership of our armed forces, were asked to step aside as a result of their views. They were out of line but probably thought they were doing the right their opinions anyway. Neither man is a traitor and both are honorable men in my opinion. Incidentally, both Shinseki and McChyrstal have far more access to intelligence and defense information than I or many other commenters do so to make anything more than a rudimentary judgment is all honesty....pure farce.

What is ROTFLMFAO material is the Cult's sudden and sweet embrace of the "liberal-commie-pinko rag" Rolling Stone. Remember, everything else you read in the piece of shit is wrong. And Marxist. For example, it wasn't the private sector that caused our financial problems of the last few years. It was all the government's fault. I guess Rolling Stone is just dandy if it fits the Cult's narrative.

And, with David Patraeus taking over now for McChrystal, I'm wondering if the Cult will now be speaking of betrayal.
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