Monday, March 27, 2006

Our New Generation of Traitors

Nothing surprises me anymore. In this day and age of warped perceptions, twisted facts and spun stories, the chances of me being shocked are very remote. These days, when my conservative friends send me articles, pictures, or debate with me over drinks, I become profoundly sad and sometimes angry at their complete and utter disregard for reality.

Last week a conservative friend of mine sent me a picture (left) of Hillary Clinton shaking hands with a soldier in Iraq a while back. Notice what the red circle around his left hand is indicating. His hand is formed into the sign of coercion. This is how captured soldiers signify they are under duress, if held in captivity, to their superiors. According to what I have read about this soldier, he hates all Democrats, especially Hillary because she alledgedly said she loathes the military. My friend thought this was funny. I think it's sad.

There are so many things wrong with this that I don't know where to start. I guess it reminds me of someone I met at party recently. I have mentioned this story before but it bears repeating. The young man I met had recently returned from Iraq. I asked him if he believed in what we were doing over there. He said that he did. We got to talking about politics and he said that he would feel obligated to kill any Democrat that got elected to the Presidency. I thought he was joking but he was not. I asked him why he felt this way and he said it was because Democrats are all pussies and make our country weak. He went on to say that all true patriots voted Republican and ALL Democrats were traitors.

I bet you my CD collection that the soldier in the picture above feels EXACTLY the same way. He has been completely brainwashed, most effectively, by the ruling party of this country and their brain dead minions (talk radio, Fox News, etc).

This is our country today, ladies and gentlemen. If Hillary Clinton is elected president, probably around half of our armed forces will think these same things. And you know what? If I were their commanding officers, they'd all be in their way to fucking Leavenworth for being TRAITORS! While they were there, I would inform them of these pesky little facts.

1. The President, regardless of party affiliation or sex, is their commander in chief. They serve at the pleasure of the president. This is the reason why, when you ask the troops in Iraq today how they feel about Bush, they say they love him. Of course they do! They HAVE to love him as he is their boss. I have always loved the rose colored glasses view of the military as being pro Republican. The fact is that it is split down the middle, just like our country, because people in the military come from different backgrounds. Naturally they are going to have different political views.

And, in a recent anonymous poll down by Gallup, 30 percent of the troops said we should leave Iraq now, 30 percent say 6 months from now, and another 30 percent say we should leave in a year with 10 percent saying we should stay until the mission is over. Hmmm....

2.Hillary has never publicly stated that she loathes the military. She has said that she hates the fact that we have to have one due to the violent nature of this world. Spoken like a true woman, which is the real reason why the douchebag above has a problem with her.

3. From Wikipedia...Dick Cheney was of military age and a supporter of the Vietnam War but he did not serve in the war, applying for and receiving five draft deferments. On May 19, 1965 , Cheney was classified as 1-A "available for service" by the Selective Service. On October 26, 1965 the Selective Service lifted the constraints on drafting childless married men. However, after his daughter was born, Cheney applied for and received a reclassification of 3-A, gaining him a final draft deferment. In an interview with George C. Wilson that appeared in the April 5, 1989 issue of the Washington Post, when asked about his deferments the future Defense Secretary said "I had other priorities in the '60s than military service."


So, buttwipes, how come we don't see the hand symbol for coercion when you shake Tricky Dick II's hand?

4. George Bush skipped out on his tour of military duty thanks to his rich daddy pulling strings. Righties, there really should be no debate about it anymore. He did it. Deal with it. Your president and vice president are chickenhawks, a term roughly defined as people who are aggresively pro-war yet have never served in the military due to opting out on dubious grounds.

Now that I have gotten all of that out of my system, I can safely say that I am not entirely sure Hillary would make a great president. I like her. I do know this: If she does win, the day after her inaugural address will be the beginning of the end of our health care system as we know it. Thank God!

I also think that more attention will be paid to women's issues which, in my opinion, is really how we need to look at the world in the 21st Century. Issues like health care and education consistently rank as higher priorities with women than terrorism and the economy, which rank higher with men.

I find as I talk to more and more women that, generally, they have a much more complete way of looking at this grey world of ours. They seem to be able to grasp complex issues in a softer, graceful, and intelligent way. The issues that are important to them, being that there are more women in this world than men, are going to be at the forefront of future elections.

And yet, I am reasonably certain that Hillary has done some crooked shit in her life....most of it being NOWHERE NEAR the criminal behavior of Bush Co....and maybe, just maybe, where there's smoke there's fire. So she is definitely not perfect and not THE president that we so desperately need right now. By that,I mean, we need a FDR, Harry Truman or JFK for the 21st century to lead us through these turbulent times. And, in my humble opinion, a woman.

I am certain of one thing, though. Hillary Clinton is the most powerful woman in America. She has been part of certain groups in this country and the world that, until she came along, only men were allowed in their inner circles. So, for those of you out there biting your nails and sweating about HC possibly being Chief, it probably will happen.

As Bette Davis said long ago, strap in and get ready for a bumpy ride!

Monday, March 20, 2006

WATERGATE: THE NEXT (but still the same fuckers) GENERATION PART TWO

The spring of 1969 was a special time. That's when Dick Cheney met Donald Rumsfeld. It was love at first sight.

They served together in the Nixon Administration and, for at least three years, the world was their oyster. They learned to skirt around pesky issues like the Bill of Rights, flick their bic lighters at the Constitution, how to use the press as a propaganda machine, and how to destroy people that got in their way. And then a sad thing happened.

Watergate. There was no denying it. People in the Nixon administration broke the law and Tricky Dick tried to cover it up. The press suddenly turned against them and before they knew it, Dick and Don saw a peanut farmer from Georgia being sworn in. God, how that must have been awful for them.

I suspect that it was around this time that the two of them had lunch together. This is pure conjecture, mind you, but I suspect the conversation went something like this:

DON: Well, this sucks.
DICK: Sucks, dude.
DON: We had it all and we got caught. Well, at least we didn't get caught.
DICK: Yeah, God I hate the press. I wish we could control them like Goebels did. What a brilliant man! This blows.
DON: Maybe someday.....I wish that we could just do whatever we want and no one will question us. Too much stuff comes out. We just need to classify everything....fucking historians. People need to learn and know LESS not more. They are easier to manipulate that way.
DICK: You know what we need? We need to find a candidate that's not very bright. Maybe someone who is down on his luck. Someone that people in the south can rally around. We can really control those folks down there. Talk about the Bible, guns, and gays....and we're back, baby!
DON: It would have to be someone really lazy. Someone who doesn't want to work all that hard. Then we could run things behind the scenes. I'll tell you what I want is some of that oil from the Middle East, that's for sure. We get that kinda money and then we can start manipulating whole countries. And ours, too. People love their cars!

DICK: I have some pals in business that could really help us out on this one. We could give them tax breaks. Think of it. All we need to do is get about 40-50 million people to believe that we have good, decent morals and these hippie scumbags, that are ruining our country, don't have them.
DON: Yeah, you know how this country is...everyone loves a winner but people love a RICH winner more. Hee Hee!
DICK: Haw Haw...good one Don! But you know what we really need? A Pearl Harbor like event to really scare the shit out of people so...y'know...everyone will be afraid and all and then we can REALLY do whatever we want. People will be shitting themselves, can't you see it? "Oh, please protect me," they'll say, "I don't care how many of my freedoms you take us, please!"
DON: Yeah, I can totally see that dude. And then the rest of the country will hate us and it's perfect. Divide and conquer, baby!

DICK: Hey, you know what? Maybe, we could do what our pals in Texas did to that traitor know....look the other way if something comes along that could help us.....
DON: Yeah.....

That's how I bet it the wind.

And there is documentation to back this up. The Project For the New American Century, a conservative think tank that Cheney and Rumsfeld have been heavily involved with over the years, had the following to say in the publication Rebuilding American's Defenses in September of 2000:

Further, the process of transformation, even if it brings revolutionary change, is likely to be a long one, absent some catastrophic and catalyzing a new Pearl Harbor.

This quote appears in Chapter V, entitled "Creating Tomorrow's Dominant Force", which discusses the perceived need for the Department of Defense to "move more aggressively to experiment with new technologies and operational concepts."

But do you know what my favorite quote is?

Don Rumsfeld told talk show host Larry King that at eight o'clock on the morning of the 9-11 attacks he was meeting with Congressmen. During the meeting, Mr. Rumsfeld says that he stated to the group "sometime in the next two, four, six, eight, ten, twelve months there would be an event that would occur in the world that would be sufficiently shocking that it would remind people again how important it is to have a strong healthy defense department."

That is exactly what they have right now.

Loyal readers, Dick Cheney and Don Rumsfeld have realized their dream. We have a society that is completely divided and afraid. On the one hand we have the liberals who are unorganized, scared to say anything, and have no central message with which to challenge Bush Co.

On the other hand we have the conservatives who have effectively brainwashed an entire generation of people in the exact same way that Hitler Co. did. They can do pretty much whatever they want and if they are questioned, then they cry partisan politics or treason. It's perfect!

Some of my conservative friends think that Cheney, Rumsfeld and the rest of the neocons aren't that bad...that they are the minority. Well, they are THAT bad and if weren't not careful it's going to get worse. They are NOT in the minority. They are running or ruining, as it is more appropiate, our country.

Cheney and Rumsfeld planned well for the future. They knew then what sort of condition the country would have to be in to seize control and now they have it. Sure, the polls might show that people hate them but no one is doing anything about it. And if they do, they are ridiculed endlessly on talk radio.

Dick and Don have their revenge for Watergate. We have a country filled with people now who blindly believe in anything George Bush says or does. Even though, in my mind, he is nothing more than a criminal.

In the end, it may well be true, that he may not be charged with any of the six transgressions I mentioned in last week's column. None of those items, though, can really hold a candle to the worst failure of all on the part of this president: the complete and utter disregard for the two men directly responsible for the 9-11 attacks.

Osama Bin Laden and Dr. Ayman al Zawahari are still at large and, the last time I checked, planning a major attack on the United States. The sad thing is that if it does happen, the same shit will happen all over again. People like Laura Ingraham, Rush Limbaugh, and Sean Hannity will all say that it is our fault for not supporting the president's policies.

At least 40-50 million of us will gladly cheer them and the sound of democracy ending will be that of thunderous applause.

Monday, March 13, 2006

WATERGATE: THE NEXT (but still the same fuckers) GENERATION PART ONE

In the Sunday paper, a week ago, I picked up the Opinion section to read a column by Garrison Keillor. The jist of the article was that the United States Congress should impeach President Bush. I admit that I chuckled to myself and said outloud, "Well, that will never happen, " to which my wife, in the other room, replied, "Who are you talking to? What?" This sort of thing happens often in our house as I have many conversations with newspapers, web sites, blogs, and news channels.

The column stirred something in me, though. I recalled an article on page 900 of that "liberal rag" the New York Times, back in 2003, in which a Democratic congressmen, John Conyers, from Michigan called for an impeachment of the President on the ground that he lied about our reasons for going to war with Iraq. I remember chuckling when I read that as well. Looking back, I wonder why the media chose to bury that story and really hasn't talked much about it since that time.

The same column also made me think of a comment that was made recently on Real Time with Bill Maher. Graydon Carter, Editor of Vanity Fair, said that if you were to tell a person in the year 2000 what the United States would look like in the year 2005, they probably wouldn't believe you. Our country has gone so far away from what it should be that it is, quite simply, a travesty. The United States of 2005 looks nothing like the Unites States of 2000. I did not chuckle at all upon hearing this charge. Why?

Because I realized that our country now reminds of a lot of the 1972-74 United States of America. We all fondly remember those days, don't we? When our president lied, broke the law and resigned. And several members of his staff went to prison for breaking all sorts of laws. Isn't it soooooooo funny that my two pals, Dick Cheney and Don Rumsfeld, just happened to be serving in the government during that time.

Dick Cheney's political career began in 1969, during the Nixon administration. He held a number of positions in the years that followed, including serving on the Cost of Living Council, at the US Office of Economic Opportunity as a special assistant to Donald Rumsfeld beginning in the spring of 1969.

Speaking of the devil, Don Rumsfeld resigned from Congress in 1969 during his fourth term to serve in the Nixon Administration as Director of the US Office of Economic Opportunity, Assistant to the President, and a member of the President's Cabinet (1969-1970); Counselor to the President, Director of the Economic stabilization Program; and member of the President's Cabinet (1971-1972).

So, all of these things have been percolating in my mind and have sort of coalesced into this week's topic. The same people that were abusing power back then are abusing it today. The only difference is that this time they are succeeding beyond their wildest dreams.

The difference between today and yesterday is that are at least 40 million people in this country that, unless President Bush is caught with a live boy or a dead girl, will believe anything the White House says. And they will never, EVER, believe that a Democrat could do a better job.

Democrats, as an ultra-conservative told me recently at a party, should all be killed for treason. Thank god he is currently serving in the armed forces, eh? Because we all know that a Democrat could neeeeeeeeeeever support our troops, right?

At the very least, I think that Bush Co have done the WORST job in the history of our country running our government and they should be fired for gross negligence i.e. a recall vote similar to California. At medium best, I think Bush should be impeached and let's have the Congress poke around into all the shit the White House has been getting into lately. And at the very best, I think Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld, Rove, and few other folks should go to jail.

You can call me crazy, if you want, but President Clinton was impeached by the Senate for lying about having extramarital sex. Thus far, Bush Co has lied about or concealed the truth about (and this is just the short list):

1. WMDs in Iraq. Looking back at President Bush's speeches we see him say over and over again that Saddam Hussein has weapons of mass destruction. Today, we know that he did not as we had pretty much destroyed his program in the first Gulf War. Bush pointed the finger at faulty intelligence so either our government is inept or liars. Which makes you feel better? And why are our young men and women sacrificing their lives again?

2. Hurricane Katrina Response. President Bush said they had no idea that they levees would break and yet there is video out that clearly shows the President being informed that there was a danger of severe flooding in New Orleans. He told everyone that the Federal Government was ready. Again, he is either inept or a liar.

3. NSA Wiretaps. He concealed the truth about domestic spying and then used the old line about how the release of this information helps the enemy. Gee, I guess the terrorists had NOOOOOOOOOOO idea whatsoever that someone could be listening to them. There are good arguments on both sides of this issue but I really have to call into question the people that are so afraid that they are willing to give up freedoms and give the executive branch of government more power (regardless of whether or not it is legal).

4. Signed off on a deal to let a nation that supports terrorism (UAE) administer six our ports. I think the facts here speak for themselves.

5. Cheney outed a CIA agent to retaliate for said agent's husband's critical comments about the the Iraq War. This is clearly against the law. If Al Gore had done it, the Republicans would demand that he be put in prison immediately.

6. Prisoner Abuse. A touchy issue with me as I think that Al Qaeda would torture our men and women without batting an eyelash. But aren't we supposed to be better than that? Didn't we sign the Geneva convention? And why is Zaccarias Moussoui, a known accomplice in 9-11, being treated well in prison and the enemy combatants at Guantonomo Bay being tortured.?

Gasp! Wait. I just realized something. By saying all of these things, I am helping the evildoers. I am aiding and abetting the enemy. I must not be a patriot. Oh no.....

And now you see the culture that these people have created. Our current government has created a country where no one is allowed to question authority. If you do, then you are branded a traitor. I don't think many of you reading this know how dead fucking serious these people are about controlling us. I have seen it in person and in recent documentaries like This Divided State.

And THAT is how our government is like Hitler's. Sure, we will not see people rounded up and sent to camps. But we have seen a concerted effort on the part of the NCDs (Neo Con Douchebags) in this country to effectively silence or make a fool of anyone who speaks up.

Pick up any newspaper, turn on any news station, or listen to any radio show....Especially the right wing shows....and you will hear the government's propaganda machine percolating along.

I know that the NCDs think that all these accusations are a liberal plot to destroy our way of life and help the enemy.....That's a given. But I think, and this is coming from someone who has voted for several Republicans in my voting career, that it is FUCKING MUCH WORSE than the Clinton deal and we, as citizens, should be ashamed for letting this sham continue.

The sham actually began 30 years ago when my best pals Dick Cheney and Don Rumsfeld served under the great bastion of presidential honesty, Dick Nixon. But how does that relate to today? Why did I mention it? What do they hope to accomplish? How did it all begin and what is the ultimate goal of Cheney and Rumsfeld?

These questions will be answered in next week's column.

Monday, March 06, 2006


Time for another Grab Bag. I have left off the "irritation" this time because I am going to rave about some cool shit in addition to ranting about some not so cool shit.

For this and future Grab Bags, please feel free to click on Comments below the column and leave your own rants and raves.

The Arctic Monkeys are the best band in the world right now. Their premiere album, Whatever People Say I Am, That's What I'm Not, is totally MEGA. It is quite literally a generation defining album much in the same way as Sgt Pepper, London Calling, or Nevermind. They sound like The Beatles, The Jam, The Clash, The Libertines and Franz Ferdinand all rolled into one beautiful British cup of tea. I haven't been this taken by a band in a loooong time.

The lyrics of the album tell a story of what it's like to be young, hitting clubs, falling in love....all within the UK (yea, baby!) as the setting. And what a beautiful story it is...I can't say enough about how great this band sounds. They will be performing on Saturday Night Live this Saturday March 11th. You must own this record and see them live when they come to your town. Here's to Sheffield!!

Is it just me or is there a holiday every other week? And what is the deal with people taking them realllllllly seriously? Last May, I had a woman ask me what I was doing for the holidays to which I replied......"you mean Christmas in seven months?" She looked at me, with an ashen white, shocked face, and replied, "It's Mother's Day this weekend." So, Mother's Day is now "the holidays?"

When I was a kid, we celebrated Thanksgiving and Christmas and watched football on New Year's Day. And that was the end of "the holidays" until the next fucking year. These days, kids celebrate President's Day. What the?!!? Even more confounding is the fact that several business were shut down on President's Day this year.

Well, it's no wonder the US is lagging behind in the world....we take off stupid-ass holidays! Next thing you know everyone will be out fondling trees on Arbor Day for crying out loud!

Sean Hannity is a fucking douchebag. Does anyone out there actually believe that he is more than just a mindless sycophant? Last week, when everyone and their uncle in the newsmedia was talking about how stupid George Bush was with the whole ports deal, this toolbox (left) grudgingly ran a bit about DPW at the top his show, Hannity and Colmes, and then launched into a tirade about Al Gore. Gore, Hannity said, had accepted money from the bin Laden family to speak at an engagement in Saudi Arabia and so, therefore, he was a traitor.

Excuse me? Sean, do you really want to go down the path of "the Saudis and who, in our government, is friendly with them?" Especially the bin Ladens? I think that YOUR President has been fucking up so much lately that you have run out of material.

Fuck off, you no talent ass clown....I bet all your listeners, who think that you are "fighting the good fight" for the common folks, would be interested to know that you insist upon a private jet and tens of thousands of dollars to speak at events and functions.

And would someone please ring the producers of Hannity and Colmes and let them know that Alan Colmes should replaced by Markadelphia? That way, Sean can actually have a real man to spar with and not an alien-human hybrid like Mr Colmes.

I guess more conservatives are listening to me now. Bruce Bartlett, longtime Conservative intellectual and Reagan aide, is releasing a book on how George Bush is basically full of shit, ruining this country, and (gasp!) not really a conservative. Mr Bartlett was recently fired from his job at the conservative think tank, The National Center for Policy Analysis, for being too critical, personally, of President Bush. His book arrived in stores on Feb 28th.

Many conservatives are also speaking out against the wiretaps now. Maybe it's because of....Uh....what is that thing again that they don't GOVERNMENT? Oh yeah....that's it....good thing we don't have that now......yeeesh.

And, if that weren't enough, House republicans plan to rip the Bush administration a new one over the Katrina response and gross mismanagement of funds allocated for said disaster. Well, at least some people in our government have the spine to stand up to mountain of crap from the last five years. Lord knows the Democrats won't. And speaking of the Democrats...

For those of you who think I am too one sided, the Democrats really pissed me off two weeks ago when they forced Paul Hackett (left) out of the Senate race in Ohio. If there is ever a straight shooter, Paul is the one. If there are ever stupider people, the Democratic Leadership are the ones to beat.

Democratic Leaders like Charles Schumer and Harry Reid felt that Hackett's bluntness and coarse language would be unpopular with voters so they encouraged donors to give to his opponents. What a couple of toolboxes! Hackett, you may recall, nearly won a congressional seat in a largely Republican Ohio district last year. He called President Bush a "loser" and an "idiot" and referred to the Iraq War as "total fuck up" by the White House. He would know. He is the first Iraqi War Veteran to run for office.

He also said that the Republicans were being "hijacked by the religious right who aren't all the different from Osama Bin Laden." (Hee Hee...oh that is so funny....bwa hah hah....hoo hoo...hee)After he was asked to apologize, he said, "I stand by what I said."

A Democrat with balls?

I think I just came in my pants.



Every wonder where all that money goes to in the Middle East that we spend on oil? Well, look no further than the pictures above (provided to me by a fan of Notes From The Front).

The United Arab Emirates, currently in charge of the Department of Homeland Security, have a ski hill in the middle of the desert.

That seems profoundly helpful and deeply beneficial to mankind. Thank goodness that they are using their money for something good instead of say....educating the Muslim world on how NOT to blow themselves up and kill people over art. And while we are on the subject of Dubai...

Rep. Peter King (R) of New York, chairman of the House Homeland Security Committee, said officials from the Homeland Security and Treasury departments told him weeks ago that their 30-day review of the deal did not look into the question of links between DP World and al Qaeda.

What in the fuck do we even have a Department of Homeland Security for? Holy Hannah, what a bunch of idiots.

Port of New Orleans (left)

Battlestar Galactica (left) is the best show on TV. Laugh all you want because I know the 70s version was cheesy but the revamped version....dark and filled with deeply passionate acting and characters that are extremely well written.

I have found myself standing up, talking to the TV, and downright yelling during some episodes of this wonderful show because it is so fucking intense.

And the chicks are so hot, God, I feel like I am a 14 year old boy again every time Kara Thraice (played by Katie Sackhoff, above, right) comes on the screen. I definitely have plenty of whipped cream for that vanilla shake of hers......

It starts with a mini series and there are 2 DVD box sets available which are set immediately after the mini series. This show is so must watch it.

I find it sad that NBC cancelled the wonderful show "The Book of Daniel." (left) Conservative Groups like the American Family Association fought to have the program off the air because it depicted a vicadin addicted Episcolpalian priest, with a gay son and pot selling daughter, who had regular conversations with Jesus Christ. So...I believe in Jesus....what's the problem here?

I think the show was an accurate, poignant potrayal of family life in the 21st century. It was also very funny. I think the Jesus character was played very honestly and humbly portrayed. Oh well, that's life in Bush country. They know what's best for me, I guess! And since they all KNOW EXACTLY what Jesus was like....well....we must submit to their vision!!!!!

You know what I love? People that decide for me what is good and what is bad. Here's a thought...if a show offends you...DON'T WATCH THAT SHOW!!. I loathe TV evangelists but they have a right to have their fucking show. Just like I have a right to watch Book of Daniel. I wanted to watch it but I can't now because of people in this country who want to DICTATE morality to me. Fuckers....

I know it's sad but it's true. Iran has replace the United States as the country with the most negative impact in the world. The study, which asked 39,435 people in 33 nations across the globe, listed Russia, China and India as rounding out the top five.

And the response from the NCD's (Neo-Con Douchebags)? "Ah, they's all a bunch of fir'ners. Let's kill 'em. And while you're at it, get me a Busch Light from the fridge, bitch. The race is a gonna be on right quick. Hee Haw!"

In an effort to further squeeze the American consumer out of his last nickel, US Customs has begun seizing prescription drugs from Canada claiming that they are illegal contraband. People in Minnesota have been hit particularity hard by this as these drugs are available to order through the State of Minnesota web site. Governor Pawlenty has championed this cause and now faces even more pressure from his pals in the Bush Administration to disallow this practice.

This issue really hits home for me as many elderly family members and friends that I know were skipping pills because they were too expensive. They started buying the pills from Canada because they were tons cheaper (and the exact same drug btw) and thus, they can take them everyday like they are supposed to do.

Yes, yes I know. American Pharmaceutical companies need that money for cancer research. NOT! What a bunch of bullshit.....classic spin...what they really need it for is to keep that salary up around 20 million a year so their golf buddy, Anderson T. Wilson, oil exec, doesn't poke fun of them at the next country club party. And we are stupid enough to put up with this?


And I can truly say that it is, too. For all of you NCDs out there that have claimed for years that the media is liberally biased, I have two words for you: SHUT THE FUCK UP! The media has never been liberally biased....most of the time acting like unofficial spokespeople for the government....and now a study has been done to back it up.

The study took the Sunday Morning News shows on ABC, CBS, and NBC as an example. From the years 1997-2005 the conservative voices on these shows consistently outrated the liberals in quantity. Another study, which set out strongly to find liberal bias in the media, failed because the study itself was too conservatively biased from the outset and, as a result, it became flawed.

Sorry, neo-cons, but the old "poor me" attitude about the liberal media won't fly anymore. You really need to give up on this one. It really is too bad when someone criticizes you, isn't it? Gosh, it's tough when reality hits you in the fucking head as you realize that you....yes YOU...are capable of making mistakes and someone else is actually going to call you on your shit. That doesn't mean that they are liberal for cripes sakes. Holy Hannah!


How about you? What are you chawing on this week? Good or bad....leave some comments below..................