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Monday, June 07, 2010

Ah, Now I Get It.....

Many of you may be wondering why the unemployment number is not budging. I've wondered this myself. Well, now we have an answer.

Apparently, some companies aren't hiring people who are unemployed.

In a nearly identical job posting for the same position on the Benchmark Electronics website, the red print is missing. But a human resources representative for the company confirmed to HuffPost that the The People Place ad accurately reflects the company's recruitment policies.

"It's our preference that they currently be employed," he said. "We typically go after people that are happy where they are and then tell them about the opportunities here. We do get a lot of applications blindly from people who are currently unemployed -- with the economy being what it is, we've had a lot of people contact us that don't have the skill sets we want, so we try to minimize the amount of time we spent on that and try to rifle-shoot the folks we're interested in."

Well, that's just very fuck you fantastic. People are happier when they are shit, Sherlock. I know people that have been out of work (in their field) for two years or more. So companies aren't even bothering to read their resume and qualifications if they aren't employed? What a load of shit.

Actually, what's really galling is that it is yet another example of the idiocy of this country. Do any of these companies understand that what is holding us back from a full recovery is the high rate of unemployment? That this fact is coloring the perception of bleak economic outlooks? And it's all because a bunch of Marie Antoinettes out there don't want to associate with the riff raff.

On a scale from one to dragon, how much does this irritate the shit out of you? For me, it's Red Dragon.
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