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Sunday, March 31, 2019

Mexican Countries?

Check out what just blew up the internet...

The question I have is this. Are Fox News employees that dumb? Or are they doing this because they know their audience is that dumb?

Friday, January 27, 2017

First Regrets

I have a friend named Bill who owns a manufacturing concern here in the Twin Cities. His hatred of Hillary Clinton was so all consuming that he voted for Trump. He tried a few times to defend him and has always voted Republican but after Trump's first week in office, Bill has finally started expressing regret. Why?

Beer, snacks and cars: How a 20% Mexico tariff could cost US shoppers

President Trump wants so slap a 20% tariff on goods coming from Mexico and use the money to pay for his wall. As any economist knows, this would be a disaster for our country and for Mexico.

Bill can't believe it. His main client has a plant down in Mexico. If there ever actually is a tariff, this client will lose millions of dollars and, thus, Bill will be out of business. I gave him a call yesterday to hear his comments on Trump's announcement.

"Crazy," he said. "What was I thinking? At least with Hillary, I had just another crooked politician. This...this is erratic."

I had explained to him many times during the campaign that this is what Trump was going to do. Bill didn't believe me. He thought Trump was just saying those things and wouldn't really follow through.

I suspect this will be the first of many regrets...:)

Friday, May 13, 2016