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Sunday, May 28, 2017

Thursday, February 02, 2017

How This Autocracy Will Play Out

David Frum has an interesting piece up about how President Trump's first term might play out. Actually, it's more frightening than interesting. Frum details how everyone could easily fall in line, largely due to apathy. After all, this is how Trump got elected.

Here's my favorite part.

Nobody’s repealed the First Amendment, of course, and Americans remain as free to speak their minds as ever—provided they can stomach seeing their timelines fill up with obscene abuse and angry threats from the pro-Trump troll armies that police Facebook and Twitter. Rather than deal with digital thugs, young people increasingly drift to less political media like Snapchat and Instagram.

In many ways, this has already happened. The Pro-Trump troll armies were already formed out of right wing bloggers and commenters that had been honing their hate, anger and fear for years.

So, will Frum's prediction end up coming true?