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Monday, April 16, 2018

Christmas in April!

The Twin Cities Metro area got a foot and a half of snow over the weekend much to the consternation of the denizens residing here. But the giant white piles of snow aren't the only things that are reminding me of Christmas these days. The news headlines of late have made me positively giddy. Here's the one that dropped today...

Michael Cohen's mystery third client is Sean Hannity

Ah, Sean me hitched your wagon to a star that is rapidly imploding. Your life, as you know it, is over. Speaking of lives being over...

Donald Trump's presidency is collapsing

Michael Cohen and the End Stage of the Trump Presidency

Prediction: By the end of 2018, Donald J. Trump will no longer be president. 

Bolder prediction: By the end of 2019, Donald J. Trump will be in jail. 

Folks, it's all over but the crying. Consider all of the shit that Cohen has on Trump. It's now in the hands of the FBI. Soon we will all see just how much of fucking mafia thug he is and he will be gone. And then the real work will begin...

As I have said many times, Trump isn't the problem. It's his followers. Some will fall off as this information comes out but most will stick with him. They will believe exactly ZERO of the evidence present against Trump because to do so would mean admitting error. Worse, it would mean that liberals win...again! They will never be able to go against someone who trolls liberals so much because that's all they really care about.

So, what do we do about these people? Well, I'm sure some will pop off and do something dumb so we can arrest them. The other loudmouths (likely on INTERNET ONLY) will retreat to their parent's basement and have all sorts of things on which to grouse.

Meanwhile, a massive blue wave is coming soon to a theater near you this November. It's filled with women running for office for the first time who just can't wait to tell old, white men how to live their lives.

I can't wait!!