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Thursday, April 11, 2019

New Zealand Shows The World What Secure Adults Do

New Zealand has just shown the world what to do when you have ONE mass shooting: BAN GUNS. Their parliament just voted 119-1 to ban military style, semi automatic weapons. No longer will racist right wingers be able to commit the great acts of violence that they fantasize about on a daily basis. Like Australia, New Zealand will now join the rest of the civilized world and keep these types of weapons out of the hands of ordinary citizens where they never should have been in the first place.

We're about due for another mass shooting here, eh? It's been a little while and these things tend to work in cycles. How many more Americans have to die just so some insecure older white male with saggy tits can have his safe space? Sadly, several more.

There is some good news, however, and the gun humpers seem completely oblivious to it which is fine by me. Take a look at all of the victories that are piling up on both the federal and state level. The pace of these has increased since Parkland and if there is another mass shooting, there will be more until we finally get it right.

If I were a gun rights activist, I'd be beyond worried now. You've lost the argument. It's merely a matter of time now before they start coming for your guns...hee hee...