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Sunday, May 10, 2015

A Puzzling Conundrum For Christian Conservatives

Most religious conservatives have a disdain for the federal government that, these days, blows up into outright pathological hatred. They really do seem to have a problem with authority, don't they? Of course, I've always noted that conservatives in general (and especially libertarians) are actually closet authoritarians and when they're in power, then absolute rule is just dandy.

This ties in to their belief in the higher power of God who, of course, is the ultimate authority on all things here, above, and beyond. What both amazes and puzzles me is their willingness to submit to such an authority given their problems of inadequacy and jealousy with authority here on Earth. Aren't they the least bit concerned that their ever lasting soul will be under the yoke of a supreme ruler? I mean...if they hate Obama so much for helping them out with a few earthly endeavors, imagine what they could potentially feel when God helps them out! Think of having to do so many things without question until the end of time!!

'Tis very puzzling indeed...