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Monday, August 14, 2017

Saturday, February 09, 2013

Best Picture: Django Unchained

I have no earthly idea why Quentin Tarrentino's Django Unchained was nominated for Best Picture. It's a good film and is very typical Tarrentino but certainly not as strong as Inglorious Bastards. Definitely not Oscar level material. Christopher Waltz shines once again, this time as a bounty hunter who rescues Django, played by Jamie Foxx, from slavery. The two end up teaming up, making money, and going after Django's wife who is still a slave.

Along the way, they shoot a lot of bigots with giant amounts of blood spurting out from every imaginable orifice. The acting is very good. Who can go wrong with Leonardo DiCaprio and Samuel Jackson? The violence is way over the top but not nearly as bad as Bastards or Reservoir Dogs. I was cautioned by many of my friends that it was "really, really violent." Had they ever seen a Quentin Tarrentino film before? Probably just the usual over sensitivity that seems to get worse and worse every day in our culture.

If you like revenge flicks and some serious gun play, this is the film for you.