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Wednesday, April 09, 2014

Saturday, April 30, 2011

Sharia Law?

With challenges in education, health care, infrastructure, and budget deficits facing the state legislature in Minnesota, it makes complete sense that they are zeroing in on an issue far more important: gay marriage.

It makes sense if you are intolerant, of course.

I thought this debate was over. Most of the new generation of conservatives are pro gay marriage and find it to be a distraction from the larger issues our country faces. On this, we are in complete agreement. Yet, here we are, still putting up with this garbage and now we will see an initiative on the ballot which will specifically outlaw gay marriage in the state of Minnesota...even though it already is against state law. Supporters say the amendment is necessary otherwise the courts will find a way to make it legal.

That would be that whole equal rights thing in case you were wondering and we can't have that now, can we? So cue the ballot initiative aka DOUBLE SECRET FAG PROTECTION.

I (along with Nikto) have been talking on here for quite a while about how intolerant conservatives around the world really cause most of our problems these days. More specifically, I have pointed out the similarities between Christian conservatives and Islamic conservatives. Now they are not even hiding it anymore. Take a look at this photo on the right.

This is Shaykh Faraz Ahmad from the Muslim Community Center in Bloomington testifying along with State Senator Warren Limmer, a sponsor of the gay marriage ban amendment. They both argued that gay marriage will destroy our state and is against the will of God.

Well, at least they can find some common ground on this issue so I guess I should be happy. I have to wonder what's next, though. Sharia law?

Hmmm....worried about Sharia Law incessantly on a daily basis...until its intolerance has shared beliefs and then it's one big happy PAR-TAY, ain't it?