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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Manufacturing Imprisonment

Last night I was flipping around the New Hampshire primary coverage and saw one of Ron Paul's spokespeople talking about his candidate's second place finish. The question was put to him as to why Dr. Paul is getting so many votes.

"Well, people are tired of having their freedoms taken away," the young man answered.


Where? Which ones? I'd like to know exactly what freedoms are being taken away because I think this speaks to the very crux of why right wingers vote the way they do.

Honestly, it seems to me that these "freedoms being taken away" don't actually exist and are made up for an all too willing audience made up of people that if one spends just a few moments quizzing them about their personal lives, it becomes very apparent that the problem isn't the government but themselves and the choices they have made. Ironic, for a group that espouses individual responsibility yet blames the government for everything. But that's their weird blame thing again...

I find it terribly frightening that many Paul supporters (as well as other conservatives and libertarians) have manufactured a reality in which Americans are a small step away (if not there already, in some minds) from the former Soviet Union. What's more frustrating is that their arrogance somehow translates into derisive comments towards "unbelievers" and it is really us (meaning mentally stable people) that are being naive. These people should not be running anything at all because, to put it bluntly, they aren't right in the head. The world is moving at an ever increasing rate towards free markets and trade. Cuba, for crying out loud, is selling private property. The writing is on the wall for centrally planned economies: they are doomed. And it's only a matter of time.

Yet they will not let go of their paranoia. Why? Are they so afraid of change that they can't accept that many of their stated wishes have come true?

Now, I get that some Paul supporters are young and male so there's the adolescent power fantasy thing at work. That's not so much loony as it is hormones and brains not fully developed leading to a latching on to something that aids them in their rebellion against "Dad." Yeah, my freedoms are being taken away, fucker! But the rest? There's no excuse for them whatsoever.

Folks, the world is becoming a better place, not worse.  We don't have the time to play make believe and pretend that our government is becoming a statist regime that is on the cusp of taking away our guns and sending people to re-education camps. We have serious problems to confront as we face a rapidly changing world and, quite frankly, many of these folks need to stop spending so much time living in their fantasy world and join us in reality.

Setting aside the anger, hate and fear is tough, I know. But think of how much time we would save...

Monday, December 26, 2011

Eight Days Away

We are now eight days away from the Iowa caucuses and I predict that Ron Paul is going to win that election with Mitt Romney coming in second. Paul's ground troops are well positioned in many key counties and his supporters are fervent. I also think that we'll see a couple of the lower tier candidates drop out although Michele might stick around and make things interesting from an emotionally hysterical drama angle.

What are your thoughts? Who wins Iowa?