Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Irony 101: a single email may seal Trump's fate

After years of yapping about thousands of Hillary Clinton's emails, it turns out that a single email may tear down the entire Trump administration.

On Saturday the New York Times published an article about a meeting the Trump's son, son-in-law and campaign manager had with a Russian lawyer.

The first excuse Donald Trump Jr. had was that they didn't know who they were meeting and they talked about adoption. Then he said that he had been promised some unspecified dirt on Clinton, but that the Russian lawyer had lied to him and had nothing, and was talking nonsense!

Nonsense? Nonsense like "DNC's emails that criticize Bernie Sanders," "Wikileaks," "Julian Assange," "Guccifer?" perhaps? The same stuff that was leaked a few days later and probably caused millions of Bernie supporters to stay home on election day instead of voting for Clinton?

Now Donnie Jr. said he had gone to the meeting intending to collude with the Russians, but got mad when they punked him and just wanted to talk about letting wealthy Russian fatcats buy up New York real estate again.

Then, finally the truth came out: Donnie Jr. had a Russian friend whose dad is in Putin's inner circle. This guy sent Donnie an email saying that the Russians wanted to help Trump win, and that they had evidence of foreign contributions to the DNC.

That's what convinced Trump Jr., Jared Kushner and Paul Manafort to take a meeting with an agent of the Russian government. Of course, there was no collusion between the DNC and the Russians, because the Russians wanted Trump to win. The email, though false, baited the hook and the Trump campaign swallowed it, the line and the sinker.

Now everything makes a lot more sense. The reason Kushner was so intent on getting FBI Director James Comey fired was that he knew this meeting would eventually come to light if Comey kept looking at Kushner's meetings with Russians.

Trump Sr. didn't want his son to go to jail for soliciting in-kind campaign contributions from an agent of the Russian government, so he went along with Comey's firing. Besides, he was almost certainly in the loop -- he would have been pleased to learn that his best friend, Vladimir Putin, wanted to help him win the election.

The interesting thing is that all this information is being leaked directly out of the White House. It looks like Steve Bannon is stabbing Jared Kushner in the back.

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