Wednesday, July 05, 2017

Trump Supporters Apparently Don't Know the Declaration of Independence

For the Fourth of July NPR tweeted the Declaration of Independence. Trump supporters did not like it at all, demanding NPR be defunded. They said NPR was inciting revolution. They called the Declaration quotes trash and elitist Hollywood propaganda.

Now, why would Trump supporters mistake statements accusing King George III of abuses, usurpations and Despotism for criticisms against Donald Trump? They protest too much; clearly, they see the parallels all too well.

The reason they feel NPR is criticizing Trump is that they recognize his behavior is the same as that of the imperious despot America broke away from during the American Revolution.
These are the same people who refer to Trump as "god emperor." These are the same "evangelicals" who somehow think a foul-mouthed sexual predator was anointed by god to be president of the United States. The same people who don't trust government. Yet somehow they put a rich, elitist, vulgar, selfish, emolument-grubbing, vain and incompetent boob at the head of that government.

It's ironic that the people who hate, hate, hate those Hollywood elites support a president whose popularity is the direct outcome of a reality TV show promulgated by the mainstream media and the Hollywood elites that run it.

Trump and his surrogates always rail against the mainstream media. Despite what Fox News would have you think, it is also part of the mainstream media. If you watch programs on sister networks Fox or FX you'll notice a decidedly mainstream to liberal bent in many of the programs -- The Simpsons, Fargo, 24, for example. Fox News just happens to be the niche that Rupert Murdoch found for his news channel -- conservative political pornography -- that had not yet been filled by other networks, who thought that news consisted of truth and facts instead of right-wing opinionation.

And not that many people even watch Fox News: their average audience is 2.4 million, while ABC, NBC and CBS nightly news programs have more than 21 million total viewers, almost ten times as many as Fox News. Even shows like The Flash pull in more viewers, with 2.8 million.

The fact is, without that "lamestream media" network NBC -- which employs Morning Joe hosts Joe Scarborough and Mike Brzezinski, the latest media figures to raise Trump's ire -- Trump would never have had the Apprentice show. He would never have uttered his "You're fired" catch phrase on a regular TV show.

Without NBC Trump would not be president today.

Trump knows that. That's why he's so angry at NBC: he feels they betrayed him.

But Trump does not get it: loyalty has to go both ways. If you expect people to be loyal to you, you have to be loyal to them. You have to remain true to shared values. When Trump careened off the rails with racist and sexist insults and rants he betrayed common decency.

He can't expect decent people to rush into the abyss with him.

Those that follow Trump and excuse his vile behavior with tirades against political correctness are descending into the pit. How long will it take them to realize this and save their souls?

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