Saturday, August 12, 2017

The Pajama Boy Wearing Mom Jeans

Entertainer Rush Limbaugh had an interesting quote the other day. In commenting on President Trump's stance on North Korea, he said,

“We don’t have a pajama boy who wears mom jeans who can barely throw a baseball, a first pitch, at a Nationals game, as president,” he said. “We have somebody out there who’s no-nonsense, and who’s not going to take this.”

First of all, both Trump and Limbaugh got draft deferments from Vietnam so they can take their "tough" talk and shove it up their chickenhawk asses. In addition, Limbaugh may have forgotten about this.

Trump won’t throw first pitch on Nationals opening day

At least Obama showed up!

And finally, what the fuck is a "pajama boy who wears mom jeans?" That sounds like an insult from the 1890s...

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