Saturday, December 16, 2006

That Sweet Smell

What's that I smell in the air? Ah, yes. It's that sweet smell of Markadelphia being totally vindicated. The FEC (Federal Election Commission) has ruled that Swift Boat Veterans and POWs for Truth will pay $300,000 in fines for violating campaign laws in the 2004 election. In the 2004 campaign, the group spent $20.4 million criticizing Kerry's military record in Vietnam. Much of the group's claims about Kerry's service were never substantiated (translation: they lied because they are a bunch of douchebags who will stop at nothing to retain power.)

It does my heart proud to see this group's feet in the fire for all the rotten crap they did two years ago. I recall bitching about it then and neocons saying to me (please imagine a voice similar to Biff from Back To The Future here), "Well, Kerry brought it up...his Vietnam's his own fault." Oh yeah, that's right. I forgot. Democrats can't serve their countries heroically because they are all cowards.


In addition, MoveON. Org and the League of Conservation voters were fined around $100,000 each for violating campaign laws which I also think is a good thing. The candidates should have to speak for themselves and be judged by their actions.

The other wonderful bit of vindication came from the agent of Joel Zumaya, relief pitcher for the Detroit Tigers. He admitted that one of the reasons he pitched so poorly against the Cardinals in the World Series was because his arm had muscle damage from.....playing video games too much. Apparently Zumaya plays PS2's Guitar Hero 4-6 hours a day.

What a constructive way to pass the time. Maybe he needs to order the shoulder straps they are making for Nintendo players. The New York Times reported yesterday that Nintendo is making a harness of some kind to prevent players from breaking TVs, ceiling fans, and other assorted furniture due to their exuberance and playing various video games.

Wow. What a wonderful place our country has become.

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Anonymous said...

Kerry was fucked over by the same type of people that started Nazi Germany. Too many people have their heads up their asses to realize this....