Monday, August 10, 2009

Obama=Stalin, Pol Pot, and Hitler

Check out this video.

I watch this and it reminds me of a comment made over 40 years ago by my biggest hero

Christianity will go.. It will vanish and shrink. I needn't argue with that; I'm right and I will be proved right. We're more popular than Jesus now; I don't know which will go first — rock and roll or Christianity. Jesus was all right, but his disciples were thick and ordinary. It's them twisting it that ruins it for me.

So said John Lennon in 1966 and those Americans who have "values" showed how similar they are know:) The melee that ensued afterwards resulted in a Niagara Falls like outpouring of hatred and bile that is quite similar to what we are seeing at these town hall meetings in the last couple of weeks. We sure have come a long way....not.

The ironic part is that when Americans for Prosperity compares Barack Obama to Adolph Hitler they should really look in the fucking mirror. THEY are the ones who will be the first people to starting burning books, censoring art, and preventing any kind of progress in an issue as serious as health care. They would sooner see this country burn, just like all those Beatles albums four decades ago, then have to admit that there are other ways to govern this country.

The very word "change" to them is a devil's word. It's no wonder they hate President Obama as much as they do as this was his central campaign theme. He might as well of run with the slogan "I'm a comin' to git ya" because that's essentially what they hear. And they react accordingly. Want some evidence?

Take a look at this

This is a protester who has proudly hung freshman Maryland Democratic Rep. Frank Kratovil in effigy. Look at his boy scout knot! And winning smile. How proud his mom must be...The note around his neck says, "Congress Traitors The American" and then a word that looks like idol. Americans for prosperity sponsored this event and look what has happened.

I'm sure there will be commenters that will trot out examples of Bush being burned in effigy. Or some dorkwad protest from the G8. There are several points I would like to make, pre-rebuttal.

First, anyone that does that is just as wrong as these people. They should be deplored just like this ass hat to the left. Second, as I have stated many times, there just isn't the venom on the left like there is on the right. Nor are there the numbers. Or the organization. They just don't have the teeth or the will power to do stuff like this.

Third, I have yet to see any town hall meeting, left leaning, that had this happen.

Listen to the cheers and take your mind to...say...the Middle East somewhere. As an American, what would be the first thing you would think if you saw this in a madrassa in Saudi Arabia? It's a traitorous act if someone named Mohamed Fatah calls for the death of an American CEO named Sam Tinkerbell, taunting him by calling him Sam Infidel and cheering his assassination. It is patriotic when Bill O'Reilly as well as Rush Limbaugh call Dr. George Tiller "Doctor Killer" and cheer his assassination. The double standard of the right fucking slays me.

Reps. Brad Miller of North Carolina and Brian Baird of Washington, both Democrats, have both received death threats--Miller from a caller who was upset that he was not holding a public forum and Baird via fax a day after he described town hall demonstrators as "a lynch mob." I predict it's only going to get worse...especially if health care passes.

Because these people aren't interested in honest debate or dissent. They have found an outlet for their hyper irrationality and are going to roll with it until they get what they want.

A good ol' fashioned lynching...just like them old days, pappy! And the best part? The base and their supporters will spin it as a good thing for our country.

Note: Please disregard any connection between the fact that all of the protesters are white and our president is black. And any unpleasant connection between the image of lynchings and black people. There is no racism on the right...there is no racism on the right (pause for a gulp of the kool aid)...there is no racism on the right...


juris imprudent said...

John Lennon your biggest hero? Well, yeah, that is about as deep intellectually as I would expect.

By the way, how'd that prediction of his turn out?

All you can do is attempt to demonize everyone who opposes nationalized health-care (by associating them with a little slice of lunatic fringe), but you can't even answer the one very simple question I put to you. [Which, predictably you will ask me to repeat because you didn't go back and read it as you said you would.]

Who's the propagandist now?

Last in line said...

"First, anyone that does that is just as wrong as these people. They should be deplored just like this ass hat to the left."

No, they should be held up as an example of exactly who the base of their party is. Double standards anyone? Dod you ever bother to devote a post on here to your leftist brothers who did the same thing for 8 years?

"Nor are there the numbers. Or the organization".

I've noticed that you keep saying that but you never get specific with any kind of numbers. I'm not talking members of the Chiristian Coalition either, I'm talking numbers of protestors who attend protests or names of organizations who print signs, coordinate folks, and even pay people to protest. Could you find me some links to compare the numbers. Then again, "venom" is a pretty subjective term.

"It is patriotic when Bill O'Reilly as well as Rush Limbaugh call Dr. George Tiller "Doctor Killer" and cheer his assassination."

How many people cheered his assassination and who said calling him names was patriotic? Then again, you "laughed your ass off" when a man was shot in the face in a hunting accident so your calls for civility all of a sudden ring pretty hollow these days. Double standards all around.

Chuck said...

Last year community organizing was such a high calling that the Democrats elected one [community organizer] to the highest office in the land. And now if you organize a community it's called a mob.

Mark Ward said...

"they should be held up as an example of exactly who the base of their party is."

Except they aren't the base of the left. There are several general criticisms you can make of the left but being fear mongering, ignorant hyper fervents is not one of them.

The Cheney shooting incident proves my point all the more. If you recall, I laughed my ass off for two, because the big man Dick Cheney is a moron with a gun (notice the line of apologists for him would vanish if it were Al Gore) and two (the main reason for the laughing), because I predicted that someone in the White House would shoot someone and get away with it. And, lo and behold, it happened. Did he even get a fine? What would happen if you or I shot someone?

Now, I predict that if health care passes or even before it does, someone or several someones on the right are going to kill a supporter or some supporters of the bill...possibly even a member of the US government and it will be called patriotic.

last in line said...

"would" vanish if it were Gore?

That didn't work the last time you tried it and it won't work now. It is never cool to laugh when anyone is hurt in an accident. Ever.

Mark Ward said...

I agree and I don't think you would be the one laughing. But you have to agree that if Gore had done it, the reaction from the right would've been different.

blk said...

Mark, you are such a wimp for letting them guilt you into saying that Dick Cheney shooting someone in the face wasn't funny. It was hilarious.

Not because some poor guy got shot. But because it was emblematic about everything that went on the Bush administration: "We're rootin'-tootin' cowboys who can run off to Iraq and beat Saddam in three days." "Cake walk." "Weeks or months, but no more." "Mushroom cloud."

These people were so arrogant, incompetent, drunk or careless that they shoot their own friends in the face. It was a metaphor for every botched policy of the Bush administration packaged into a single sound bite.

It was hilarious in the same way that Ted Haggard's drug use and dalliances with a male prostitute were hilarious, or the legions of oh-so-moral Republican governors and congressmen having affairs, or Elliot Spitzer paying $5000 for a hooker, or the Larry Craig bathroom incident, or Donna Rice sitting on Gary Hart's lap on the deck of the yacht Monkey Business after daring reporters to catch him. And I'm sure conservatives still get a chuckle when they recall Bill Clinton saying, "I did not have sexual relations with that woman."

When mendacity, hypocrisy and incompetence are exposed in the wealthy or high government officials it is definitely grounds for amusement. There's no need to apologize for laughing at liars, incompetents and hypocrites. When the high and mighty fall, it's funny.

Mark Ward said...

Well, he was drunk and last still hasn't admitted that one yet.

juris imprudent said...

There are several general criticisms you can make of the left but being fear mongering, ignorant hyper fervents is not one of them.

What do you call it when the left cries out for gun control? You seriously expect me to believe that isn't ignorant fear-mongering? You are so blind in that eye you can't see what is right in front of your face.

Mark Ward said...

First of all, when have they done that? And with what kind of backing and power that compares to the NRA? And recently?

Second, it's not ignorant fear mongering. It's misguided and doesn't solve the problem.

Third, I'm not blind, dude. Just watch what happens on the right in the next few weeks and especially if health care passes. Then we can re-visit this conversation.

Last in line said...

Bruce, none of the examples you listed were accidents. Idiotic decisions? Yes. Accidents? No.

So the ability to laugh at accident victims depends on their politics and how much money they have. I really admire how you guys bring the country together.

Why don't one of you two stop by my company and say that hunting accidents are funny as long as the "right people" are involved. Our former customer service lead was involved in a hunting accident when she was 12. A shotgun went off in the cab of a pickup truck and her leg had to be amputated below the knee. She has had 6 surgeries on it since. She got a staph infection during the last surgery and has been basically confined to a bubble in a hospital room for the last 2 years. She is married with 2 young children at home. We're still doing benefits for her.

It's about the victims Bruce.

...and I'm sure you both reserve the right to proclaim who are the "right people" are to laugh at and who isn't when it comes to accidents.

juris imprudent said...

First of all, when have they done that? And with what kind of backing and power that compares to the NRA? And recently?

Second, it's not ignorant fear mongering. It's misguided and doesn't solve the problem.

First, denial. Quickly followed by "but the other guys are worse", and "yeah, but not anymore".

Second, "I can't hear you, lalala".

You could have simply said "yeah, I see your point; this does happen on the left too". But you are just too fucking childish to admit that, aren't you?

sw said...

i can tell markadelphias side is losing the argument when they start calling people racist.

6Kings said...

I can tell markadelphia's side is losing when they speak. Nothing but projection and asnine generalizations. Good post by Dr. Sanity about this group of morons:

rld said...

Did the leaders of your party really call people unamerican Markadelphia? You were always so concerned about the right questioning peoples patriotism.

Mark Ward said...

RLD, they called the behavior of shouting people down and not letting them speak unamerican...behavior very typical of the right.

"These disruptions are occurring because opponents are afraid not just of differing views — but of the facts themselves. Drowning out opposing views is simply un-American. Drowning out the facts is how we failed at this task for decades."

I agree completely.

SW is right about one know you have lost the battle when you have to say "We don't support euthanasia." I think the right, as they have always done, are going to keep coming up with the most outlandish lies they can will be something about your kids dying if they new plan is put into effect.

So, the battle is currently being lost but the war is far from over. As is usually the case with the right, they will go too far, people will be disgusted, and President Obama will get a plan passed. But will it be enough? That is the question.

There is always a kernel of happiness in all of this...the media has been showing the protests wall to wall and even the New York Times has been saying that Obama is losing the argument...sounds pretty "liberal" to me.

rld said...

Do you agree with the new york times? Why or why not? Listening to you, one would think that every critic of the bill is an ignorant, uneducated moron.

Shouting down and not letting people speak is what the left does. If the facts were so good about the bill then obama would not be losing the argument.

Mark Ward said...

I do agree with the Times that the Obama administration is losing the battle right now. Why? Because many people in this country are giving into fear and they are willfully ignorant.

As to the facts and responses to the shouting, we have this now.

rld said...

Couldn't be because they know what is in the bill and may not like it. Naw, that can't be an option - just keep demonizing anyone with another opinion on the bill, the seniors and independents apparantly really like it when you do that.

juris imprudent said...

Because many people in this country are giving into fear and they are willfully ignorant.

You mean the people that voted for Obama and the majority Democrats in Congress?

rld said...

It's always someone elses fault isn't it Markadelphia? And I thought the adults were in charge now.

juris imprudent said...

Oh, and M, just to be clear, go peruse the offerings at the Violence Policy Center - it sells ignorance and fear-mongering [as we speak] by the boatload.

You might not catch the ignorance (as you may be [willfully] ignorant yourself on the topic), but you should be able to spot the fear-mongering.

Then just as a slice of lemon for a paper cut, remember that the liberal wing of the Democrats played up the urgency of passing health-care reform - not wanting to waste a crisis (even one that they couldn't really manufacture).

Unknown said...

I know I'm late to this but these people are ignoramuses who would be laughable but for the fact that they carry guns and threaten to use them.

The problem is the people who think about this stuff critically, and do not resort to calling Obama the worst possible person in the world(Hitler- trotting out that tired analogy yet again)- these are the least likely to use violence to stifle dissent or to force their own opinions on others.

We as a society have not figured out how to actually educate people how the pen is mightier than the sword, because let's face it, it isn't. The people with the most guns win- their foolish,ignorant views not withstanding.

So until the people who employ critical thinking and reason are going to be hard pressed to get their points across. The marketplace of ideas is a wonderful concept, but it doesn't work when many of the people at the market choose to employ guns instead of reason or words or persuasion.

Brings to mine this Al Capone quote: "“You can get much farther with a kind word and a gun than you can with a kind word alone.”

Although in this case, the emotional shouters, screamers, etc showing up at these hall meetins aren't even using kind words.

And I love the Lennon quote BTW. He was my favorite Beatle :).

Anonymous said...

Lest we forget, this assh*le was hooked up tight, hooked with the mob of mobs. The hooded mob. And it was his political party that gave you slavery. And fought to keep it. And very much fought tooth and nail the civil rights bill of 1963. And gave you Bull Connor, Lester Maddox, fire hoses, attack dogs in the streets, and all the rest of the democrat clowns on top of it. Did you learn that in school? I doubt it. Not if it was a public school. They keep the bullsh*t flowing like a fire hose there too. And did you learn that the republican party formed pretty much specificall TO TAKE SLAVERY DOWN? I doubt it. Yep, that's how it happened. It's still happening, take the 1968 commies running our country down, baby. And take the useful idiots they call democrats down with them.

Here he is in his 'going to the Gore's for cocktails' rig. RIP Bobby,